Art Journey: A Brief Description

Rick Daddario has traveled, studied art and worked as an artist most of his life.

Travels include North and South America, Europe, Australia and Indonesia.

Occasionally he shows in local Galleries and exhibitions as well as National and International venues.

He holds an MFA degree in Fine Arts from Washington State University (1978).

Currently he lives and works in Hawaii although he may still travel at times.

The experience of life has always had an influence on my work. The world that goes on within me as well as the world that goes on around me becomes my source.

Through image as well as in the way I use materials I like to explore being human.  Both the personal and universal are important concepts to me. I often reference humor, mystery and belief in my work.

I like connecting with people through my work, especially in the ways that we are alike as human beings.

Explore the thoughts, memories and experiences that surface while viewing my work - and of course have fun too.

painting of three palms by Rick Daddario




A Self Portrait